10 Misconceptions That Your Boss May Have Regarding Bmw Ghost Immobiliser

Marsha Kimble
Marsha Kimble

Protect Your Vehicle With a ghost immobiliser install; click over here, Immobiliser

It is only logical to protect our vehicles, because they are an expression of pride and joy. The Autowatch Ghost system is a subtle immobiliser that connects to the vehicle CAN data network and operates via the ECU the car's brain..

The device, which is similar to a PIN number on a credit or debit card, will not allow your car to move unless you enter the pin code sequence in up 20 presses.

No key fobs or LED indicators to give away its location.

The Ghost Immobiliser does not use key fobs or LED indicators, so it is virtually undetectable by anyone who gets into your vehicle. The system utilizes buttons on the steering wheel, centre console or door to create an unique pin code that needs to be entered in order for your car to start. The system can be programmed to require up to 20 presses before the engine can begin to turn on which makes it virtually impossible for thieves or cloners to gain access into your vehicle.

Modern car thieves utilize diagnostic tools that are professional to determine which security systems are installed in vehicles, however the Ghost does not transmit signals like the conventional systems do. Criminals can determine the kind of security device installed in your car using sophisticated RF scanning technology, code grabbing and relay attack techniques. They are able to disable the security system of your vehicle by altering the alarm or immobiliser.

In contrast to other immobilisers on market It is unique in that the Ghost is incorporated in your vehicle's CAN data network so it is near impossible to bypass and hack. The system also works with a variety of newer vehicles that do not have built-in key fob security. It is also used in electric cars and can prevent the car from entering the "service valet" mode.

If the Ghost is installed by our fully trained engineers, TASSA will verify the installation to ensure that it is secure and up to standards. TASSA is an organisation that maintains and improves standards in the security of vehicles industry. They ensure that all their certified installers have passed DBS checks and are trained, insured and certified to install the Ghost. You will also receive your Ghost emergency card, installation certification and owner's manuals. Your insurance premiums will be drastically reduced. This is because your vehicle will be less likely to be stolen and it will be much easier for your insurers to recover.

No Circuit Cuts

The Ghost is the first aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser that protects your vehicle like nothing else available. It is not linked to LED indicators or key fobs, however, it communicates directly with the vehicle's CAN system. This enables it to block the ECU from starting and prevents the engine from running until an individual PIN is entered through the dash or steering wheel buttons (brand dependent). This means that it is impossible for criminals to hack' into the system by using relay attacks or any other means and can't simply be disabled by pressing several buttons as in older systems.

The system also has an Service and Valet mode which is activated when the vehicle is in garage for servicing or valet parking. The vehicle can be started for a short period while being worked on, without the need to enter the pin code or hand over the keys. It will then stop itself when you return the vehicle.

This makes the Ghost a much safer option for classic, sports or high-end cars that require battery isolation while parked for extended periods of time. It's also undetectable by modern RF scanning technology and code grabbing, making it very difficult for hackers or thieves to bypass.

If you're in search of a complete vehicle security package that not only protects against key-cloning and hacking, but can also track your vehicle in the event of theft, we recommend one of our S7 tracker systems that are compatible with the Ghost to give you total peace of mind. All of our installations are performed by a fully certified, experienced and insured TASSA approved installer and you will receive a full demonstration of the product before handover with owner manuals, Installation certification, and a Ghost emergency card.

If you're interested in having a Ghost fitted to your vehicle, please contact us to discuss pricing and to make a booking. It's often a faster option to make a reservation in advance rather than leaving it until the last minute when we are extremely busy. We will try to get you in as quickly as we can.

No RF Scanning

Many car thieves are using sophisticated tools to copy vehicle keys and steal cars. These systems can be easily found on the internet, and they require little knowledge to operate. The Ghost immobiliser is undetectable using these cloning devices as it does not depend on the RF scanner.

Instead, the system uses the buttons in your car to create an unique pin code push sequence. This is done using the buttons on your steering wheels doors, door panels or on your centre console. This is also a changeable number, not a pin like a remote fob which makes it extremely difficult to hack.

The Autowatch Ghost is extremely secure and easy to use. It isn't dependent on the smartphone and can be used with a small waterproof wireless tag or the Apple or Android app (sold separately). You can enter service mode with your mobile device and then drive away. Then you can return the vehicle to valet-mode & disable your smartphone. This is perfect for classic cars and luxury vehicles that are frequently taken in for service at garages owned by dealers.

These CANBUS immobilisers can be connected to other security products such as alarms and trackers (Brand dependent). This allows the user to decide whether or not they want their tracker or alarm to have priority over immobilisers on CAN bus. This is particularly useful in the event you have a Thatcham approved Tracker installed as the tracker can be activated prior to the Ghost is activated.

The CANBUS immobilisers block codes sent by the remote keys used in the initial setup to the ECUs and BCM controllers. This prevents them from activating the engine or starting the car. These systems can be used to provide an additional layer of security for cars that have remote controls that are factory installed.

If you're looking for an upgrade in security for your BMW then the Autowatch Ghost is an ideal solution. It is completely hidden in the wiring making it almost impossible to see. It doesn't use LED indicators or keys-fobs which helps to prevent a criminal from being able to detect its presence.

There are no electronic devices to be Detected

As a reputable Thatcham installer we install a revolutionary new product from Autowatch called the Ghost Immobiliser. It effectively prevents Keyless Entry theft or cloning that is on the rise in modern automobiles. It is a hidden device that does not rely on LED indicators or key fobs. It utilizes the factory buttons that are in your car to create an individual pin code sequence that you can push. This is needed to start or move the car. The car won't move or start unless the sequence is entered correctly. Numerous insurance companies are asking for this device to be fitted as standard and it can often lead to a decrease in monthly premiums.

It doesn't require cutting of wires in order to be put in place since it connects to the CAN data bus and functions through the ECU (Engine Control Unit). The unit can't be detected by hi-tech thieves using diagnostic tools, and they can't detect the sound of a traditional security device. Ghost Immobilisers can be set to operate in a service mode which allows your vehicle to be started without the PIN code. This is helpful when transporting it to a garage or valet parking service. The PIN code can be changed at any time to provide additional security.

The Ghost II is TASSA-approved, meaning that it is only available by installers who are certified. This offers a higher level of protection and also means that the Engineer who installs it is DBS checked as well as trained and insured.

Meta Trak VTS is a GPS tracker that can be hidden inside your vehicle. This will provide you with the highest level of protection. This is important, especially in the event that you've left your keys in the ignition when the vehicle isn't being driven. There are many ways to trick the driver to believe that the keys are still inside the car and allow theft to occur.

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