Why Is Railroad Lawsuit Acute Myeloid Leukemia So Popular?

Reggie Bastyan
Reggie Bastyan

FELA and Railroad Lawsuits

Workers who are exposed to toxic chemicals, such as diesel exhaust, coal fumes or asbestos could develop serious illnesses, including cancer. A successful FELA class action lawsuit against railroads can award damages to pay medical costs, loss of income and suffering and pain.

union pacific railroad lawsuit union pacific railroad lawsuit recently awarded $7.5 Million to one of its railroad workers who was diagnosed with Leukemia. This is just one example of the justice system standing up for the victims.


Railroad workers often work with chemical solvents, as well as other hazardous substances, such as benzene. It is a highly evaporative liquid, can be absorbed by the skin or inhaled. It has been linked to a variety of medical diseases, such as cancer, blood cancers such as lymphoma and leukemia, as well as bone marrow diseases. It can also be a cancer-causing agent and is a component of coal tar creosote which is used to shield railroad tie from sunlight, heat and rain.

A former railroad worker claimed his exposure to benzene during his work with coal tar creosote csx railroad lawsuit ties led to Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS), which progressed into Acute Myeloid Leukemia. A jury handed him $7.5 million in September.

Those who have been diagnosed as having cancer or other chronic illnesses due to exposure to benzene asbestos radioactive substances and other toxic chemicals, have the right to claim compensation under FELA. The time period for filing claims can vary based upon the type and extent of the cancer or illness. It is important to consult with an experienced attorney immediately.

A railroad attorney from Shaw Cowart can help you determine if your case is eligible for a FELA claim. We offer free consultations and we are well-versed in FELA and railroad workplaces.


Our attorneys have represented railroad workers who developed lung cancer or other health conditions due to asbestos exposure. They worked in places like repair shops, cancer engine rooms and yards, or on track equipment or derailed railway cars that contained asbestos insulation. This kind of asbestos can be particularly hazardous, since when it deteriorates tiny fibers are released into the air. These fibers are inhaled by railway workers and may cause mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis and pleural plaque.

In addition to asbestos, railroad workers are also at high risk for developing lung diseases due to diesel exhaust and exposure to other workplace toxics such as welding fumes, solvents and silica sand. These particles and fumes can cause damage to the kidneys, lungs and gastrointestinal tract, as well as blood cells. These injuries are often diagnosed years after a worker's initial exposure, and can lead to several serious and debilitating medical issues.

The recent case against Conrail illustrates the risks associated with this type of work. The Appeals Court upheld a jury award of $2.3 million to the railroad company for an ex-railway worker who passed away from mesothelioma. The jury awarded damages to cover suffering and suffering along with companionship loss, future medical expenses, and other losses. The case underscores the importance of working with a seasoned attorney who can quickly determine whether a FELA claim is warranted.

Radioactive Substances

Railroad workers who were exposed to radioactive substances are at risk of developing certain types of cancers as well as other serious diseases. These substances are typically hidden in the materials railroads use to clean tracks and other rail yards. They can be difficult to spot unless the railroad company is screening them for alpha or Gamma radiation. If a railroad worker is diagnosed with cancer or a different illness that was caused by exposure to carcinogenic substances on their job, they can make an FELA claim and receive compensation from their former employer.

railroad workers cancer lawsuit workers are more likely than others to develop cancers. This is due to being constantly exposed to toxins that can cause lung cancer, like asbestos, Sand dust (silica) as well as diesel fumes, welding fumes and creosote.

A lawyer for railroads is recommended to be consulted as soon as possible by railroad workers who have been diagnosed with cancer as a result of exposure during their work. They can assist them in determining whether they have a claim against the former employer and initiate the appropriate lawsuits that are based on FELA. These claims could include the payment of medical expenses, income loss, and discomfort and pain. In addition, they could compensate for the loss of a loved one as part of an wrongful-death claim. A skilled railroad lawyer can assist victims get the maximum amount of damages they are entitled to under FELA.


Railroad workers like engineers, conductors, and train crew members often work in hazardous environments which can cause lung damage without even realizing it. If a former railroad employee has been diagnosed with an illness such as lung cancer or another illness which could be linked to their work and work, they could be eligible to seek compensation under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA).

Unlike workers' compensation, FELA allows railroad workers who are injured to sue. This includes future and past emotional and medical expenses. An attorney familiar with FELA regulations could explain to you your options.

To be successful in a FELA claim, you must prove that your employer was negligent. Negligence could include breaking a rule or law or failing to meet the acceptable standards of care, and more. A knowledgeable FELA lawyer can review your case to determine whether negligence on the part of the railroad contributed to your condition.

There are a variety of lung diseases and illnesses could be linked to railroad exposures. If you were exposed to asbestos, diesel exhaust creosote, or other toxins during your career on the railway and you are a mesothelioma patient, a certified attorney can assist you in obtaining compensation under FELA. Hughes Law Offices has handled FELA cases in the past, and they have resulted a variety of settlements and verdicts.

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